At  NaturalPharma we work hard every day to improve the health of our consumers through natural products, innovative and safe. 

Our principal objective is to understand and satisfy the needs of our clients. From the conception of the product until the final sale. For that reason, we are committed to the development of exceptional products containing the highest quality of ingredients. Strict control methods are taken to continually improve through the process of investigation and innovation. 

Through new advanced development processes, we bring to our consumers clinically efficient products, utilizing natural components in the production, improving the health and well-being of our clients. 

Healthy Products

Continual improvement and Innovation

Use of natural technologies

Outstanding value

What makes us different?

Latest Technologies

smart selection biotech

We have developed a specific selection of the best probiotic strains that according to their mechanisms of action, avoid the microbial antagonism generated by the coexistence of a high number of probiotic species, that compete with each other for the utilization of nutrients and space. The formulation of our probiotics is developed with the specific adequate dosage of CFU’s that guarantees the desired healthy benefit, optimizing the quantity of probiotics ingested.

We guarantee the total absence of chemical excipients from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process, as well as during the development and encapsulation stages that maintain the organic character of our products.

The effectiveness of our probiotics remains intact due to the gastro-resistant Smart BioCaps® capsules which protect the total number of CFU’s against stomach acids, ensuring their release at the right place of absorption.

Quality Garantee

Our Quality department, noted for the most modern and advanced equipment, takes exhaustive control measures over the primary materials utilized in the development of our products.

Our Quality Technicians work with the Production Personal to ensure supervision and compliance with the procedures and methods  used in the full process of production of the product until it is completed and ready for sale. 

At NaturalPharma we are committed to the continued training of our staff, carrying out regular internal training with the objective to improve and keep up-to date the technical qualifications of our personnel. 

Within our company we are committed to a comprehensive quality policy, involving all departments and personnel that are part of NaturalPharma. The main objective is to continuously improve and for this reason we satisfy the needs of our customers, while securing their health and well-being.

In addition, all our products are endorsed by the CAAE and bear the Euroleaf, which guarantees that our products have been produced in accordance with the European regulations for organic agriculture: European Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 by the Council of 28 June 2007 on the production and labelling of organic products.

This certification requires us to maintain detailed records of all resources and products, as well as to be open to inspections carried out by external official bodies, that involve quality standards that go above and beyond what is established by the legal compliance and regulations.

In this way, we guarantee the following:

Investigation and Development

At NaturalPharma we have our own team of Research Development and Inspection made up of highly qualified specialists in the development of natural resource-based food supplements.

All of our products are developed taking into account the latest advances in technology and innovative formulas supported by official scientific studies. 

Our dedication and hard work committed to extensive research has led to the development of products that contribute to health and to improving people’s quality of life.


Years of experience, together with the most complete capacity and qualification of our technical and research staff, makes us leaders among the companies in the sector. Our Research Development team is continuously researching and designing innovative and sustainable products, using natural and organic ingredients, which allow the development of environmentally friendly products pioneering in the sector.

We intend to make innovation present in all areas of the company, working to improve formats, manufacturing techniques and presentation of our products.


For this reason, since August 2018 NaturalPharma is recognized by the Directorate General of Innovation and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness as an Innovative SME, thus rewarding our effort and work in the field of innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Just as we care about offering natural and quality products to our customers, we are characterized by a productive model based on innovation and optimization of the use of energy and raw materials, primarily prioritising all those renewable. Thanks to the organic and biodegradable nature of our products, we help to reduce the environmental carbon footprint and achieve a more sustainable future.

In addition to taking into account the preservation of the environment, NaturalPharma is characterized by a socially responsible behaviour and committed to all living things, producing natural products not tested on animals.

It is our commitment to the development of innovative products that we can highlight our new range of pioneering healthiest probiotics on the market.


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